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Last minute Skype release? No, just another scam


Ah, this one made me laugh for a little while ;-)

Here is an email from the Skype company:

Apparently, Skype decided to release a new version of their software for the ages shall we say. It’s up for grabs but Microsoft is not happy about it, so quick, hurry up and get it now or never!!!

This looks fantastic!

Wait a minute… Isn’t Skype free?????

Brought to you by the good folks from:

Guess where their server is located? The Bahamas.

I bet they’re on the beach right now with their iPhone checking how many installs they’re getting.

Sooner or later, their little dream will end though…

Jerome Segura


Steven Burn pinged me on that one, so I did a bit of a check on the ASN (AS34109):

inetnum: –
netname: CB3ROB-CYBERBUNKER-A84-22-98-24
descr: CB3ROB / CyberBunker Customer Delegations

role: Ministery of Telecommunications
address: One CyberBunker Avenue
address: CB-10000
address: CyberBunker-1
address: Republic CyberBunker
mnt-by: MNT-CB3ROB
e-mail: [email protected]

A long list of domains they own can be found here.

Thanks Steven.

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