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McAfee Unveils New Threat Intelligence Exchange


McAfee has shared details on a soon to be released threat sharing platform designed to help security teams develop and customize a threat intelligence solution from global data sources.

McAfee, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel, says the solution provides new approaches for answering increasingly urgent problems customers face more often as targeted attacks increase.

The solution, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, is a significant evolution of the Security Connected Platform launched by McAfee in 2011, and gives organizations the ability to spot and pre-empt advanced threats to protect their sensitive data, McAfee said.

Using the platform, security teams cancustomize a threat intelligence solution from global data sources, such as McAfee’s own Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) and third-party feeds, with local threat intelligence sourced from real-time and historical event data coming from endpoints, gateways, and other security components.

“By sharing threat information across controls and directing preventative actions in real-time, McAfee is able to provide immediate protection against the threats posed by advanced targeted attacks across both network and endpoint controls,” the company said in an announcement. “What has traditionally taken days, weeks or months now only takes milliseconds.”

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange allows organizations to orchestrate security controls to identify patterns, immunize assets against newly-identified malware, and prevent data exfiltration in real-time – optimizing security for each organization.

Additionally, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange leverages a capability called SmartListing that allows security controls to extract and exchange contextual information from such examples as certificate information, reputation data, file characteristics and application behaviors within the environment.

The resulting actionable intelligence allows the organization to contain or allow any payload across the organization’s security controls, the company saud. Thus for the first time, as threats appear, defenses instantly shield assets much more intelligently and without the limitations of signatures or cloud lookups.

Benefits of McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange include:

• Replaces manual tasks with automated, real-time data exchange that allows security components to operate as one to share security intelligence in real-time across endpoint, network and other security components.

• Brings visibility to the presence of advanced targeted attacks in the organization

• Protects based on collective threat intelligence built out of global and third party intelligence data sources combined with local threat intelligence and customized organizational knowledge.

• Enables endpoints to share contextual intelligence with each other to gain greater environmental threat context, which improves accuracy and effectiveness.

• Integration simplicity, through McAfee’s data exchange layer, reduces implementation and operational costs

The platform is expected to be available in Q2 2014.

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