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Phishers get greedy


Phishing scams are rapidly becoming one of the most dangerous online threats. They target all platforms equally and use a technique that technology cannot combat efficiently: social engineering.

Here is a Phish from JP Morgan Chase (online banking):

The scam consists of scaring the person by saying big words like “safety and integrity of your Bank account”. If the user falls for it, they must complete a form to restore their online account:

That form is of course a trap as no bank would ever ask for such information in such a way.

The criminal behind this is using an online service to send the information back to him (

His username can be found in the page:

I reported this to formbuddy:

That is not all. Our guy does not seem happy enough to steal Credit Card numbers… he also wants to get paid with stupid surveys. This page will pop up right after you complete the scam form:

Talk about greed!

Jerome Segura

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