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Phishing phone calls –


It was early morning (around 8am) and I received a phone call from someone asking for me by name (using a private number and with a strong Indian accent):

Caller: Hello, Can I speak with XX?” (my real name)

Me: Sure, it is me.

Caller: Hello, I am calling from Online Support because there are some serious warnings coming from our Windows Server saying that your computer is compromised.

Me: Wow, it is?

At this point I was aware of what wass going on. This group from India has been calling thousands of numbers scaring people that their computer is compromised and convincing them to buy their service or install their software.

Since I knew what was going on, I decided to play along to see what would happen. If you ever receive such phone calls, do not do anything they tell you.

Caller: Yes, I see warnings from our Windows Server.

Me: What do I have to do to fix it?

Caller: I can show you the warnings. Go to the left bottom side of your screen and click on the “start” button. After that go to “computer”, right click on it, go to Event logs, then to Windows logs and Application. See the warnings? Don’t click on any of them! Your computer is compromised!

*He actually explained that much slower and step by step.

Me: Yes, I see it! Thousands of warnings!

Just to clarify folks, the Application event log on Windows always has a lot of warnings and errors. This normal, but they use this tactic to try and convince people that their computer is compromised.

Me: Btw, thanks for the help so far. What is your company name?

Caller: OnlineSupport (speaking very fast)

Me: What is the company name again? Couldn’t understand… And site name?

Caller: WWW.ONLINESUPPORT.COM (spelling each letter – Don’t visit the site)

Me: What is your name?

Caller: Jack Adams (hmmm….something seems off.)

Me: Where are you from?

Caller: I am from a call center in India.

Me: I am curious, how did you find my name and phone number?

Caller: Our Windows Sever from Microsoft reported your computer as compromised and Microsoft sent us your full name and phone number.

Me: Ok, I am in a hurry. What do you I have to do to “fix” those warnings?

Caller: I will transfer you to our Windows specialist, and he will take from there.

Me: What is his name?

Caller: John Miller. I am transferring now…

*call dropped

Unfortunately, the call dropped and I couldn’t follow along to see what would happen. I don’t know if they dropped it on purpose because I was asking too many questions….

Anyway, If you ever receive such a call, do not follow along. Plus, do not trust such company

If they ever call back, I will try to follow up again to see what happens. Anyone else getting those calls? Love to hear other stories.

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