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Scam sites to block on


Here’s a site of very professional looking scam sites, incuding fake investment firms and escrow companies. Most of these have been registered over the past few weeks with anonymous details.

also hosted on the same server:

Some of the trading names used by these scammers (some may be similar to legitimate companies):

  • Atlas Consultancy
  • Brussels Financial Supervisory Authority
  • BL Trading Group
  • Chicago Business Group LLC
  • Crawford Capital Partners
  • Fidelity Corporate Group
  • Grenfell and Blackrock Associates
  • Johnson Sterling Consultancy
  • Knowlton Group
  • Media Transfers Limited
  • Miller Counsulting Group
  • Morgan Premier Group
  • Peregrine International Group
  • Swiss Commodity Market Regulatory Commission
  • Swiss Financial Trading Commission
  • Tate and Carver Consultancy Group
  • Todd and White Financial Marketing Services
  • Warren Fisher and Associates
  • Wells Capital Management
  • Winchester Consultancy Group

Do not be fooled by how good the sites look.. they are very, very convincing. Here is are some examples:

The sites are all hosted on which looks like a rented server from LiquidNet, Florida. Also hosted on the same server is (possibly based in the Philippines) which might be the black hat reseller involved.

Part of this network was fingered a few weeks ago here, and it still appears to be active. Avoid at all costs.

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