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SECUDE Launches Security Solution for SAP NetWeaver


SECUDE, a maker of security solutions for SAP, announced the general availability of Halocore for SAP NetWeaver, a new offering that provides protection against loss, leak, and theft of sensitive data, beyond the traditional network boundaries.

According to the company, the new solution secures sensitive SAP information by enforcing protection on the data/documents themselves, and is designed to give SAP users bolstered security for sharing documents both inside and outside of the enterprise.

Unlike other most security solutions, which monitor the network or scan storage locations, Halocore for SAP NetWeaver is integrated directly with the application and classifies and secures data as it is delivered to the end-user.

Halocore applies a company’s security policy to any file downloaded from NetWeaver-based applications, so the file can travel securely within and outside of the company’s IT perimeter, helping to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data no matter where it is located.

By utilizing Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS), the Halocore solution delivers instant and permanent protection, while reducing the productivity impact file security solutions typically have on the workforce, the company said.

Key features of Halocore for SAP NetWeaver include:

• Works for any file type and protects data at the source before it is downloaded from SAP to the end-user’s computer

• Provides a simple, user-friendly experience for classifying sensitive information

• Offers fine-tuned control over who can do what with information (view, edit, print, forward, etc.)

• With extended Microsoft Hybrid Azure support, protection persists beyond SAP, including mobile and cloud platforms

“The information age has shifted focus from physical assets to connectivity and information,” says Dr. Heiner Kromer, SECUDE’s founder and CEO, “data now flows in and out of the enterprise walls in enormous volumes and rates. With mobile devices and cloud sharing services becoming prevalent and powerful tools for business use, companies are faced with increased risk of data loss or theft. In many ways, new technologies have made doing business easier however, these same technologies have made securing the business more difficult.”

SECUDE was Founded in 1996 as a partnership between SAP AG and research organization the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. In early 2011, the company sold its SECUDE Application Security product to SAP in order to focus on Endpoint Security. The company has offices in Europe, North America and Asia.


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