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Symantec Unveils Roadmap of Security Integrations and Managed Services


Symantec unfurled a roadmap for a mix of product integrations and managed services the firm hopes will its customers battle sophisticated threats.

A key part of the integration piece is Managed Security Services-Advanced Threat Protection (MSS-ATP). MSS-ATP is based on an alliance between Symantec and vendors in the network security space, including Cisco (Sourcefire) and Palo Alto Networks. The offering, which will be available in June, is meant to help organizations prioritize threats by integrating Symantec’s endpoint solutions with third-party network security products.

MSS-ATP will help organizations cut through the noise and identify security events by correlating network events and information on the endpoint, explained Piero DePaoli, senior director of product marketing at Symantec.

Connected with this is Symantec’s new Advanced Threat Protection Solution, which will go into beta testing within the next six months and is slated to be generally available in the next 12 months. The solution is meant to deliver integrated advanced threat protection across the endpoint, email and gateway to provide customers with critical detection and response capabilities at each respective control point, according to the company.

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection will be supported by two technologies – Symantec’s cloud-based Dynamic Malware Analysis Service, which analyzes the behavior to identify threats, and Synapse, which enables communication between endpoint, email and gateway to improve response. It is also backed by data from the company’s Global Intelligence Network.

On the services side, the company will introduce two key offerings during the next six months. The first is an Incident Response service, while the second is an intelligence service that offers businesses information on threat actors that they can use to enhance their security. This second service is “about the who and the why,” DePaoli told SecurityWeek, explaining that the service will provide threat profiles on attackers and include information about their tactics.

“There is a significant need in the market for greater advanced threat protection, and many vendors do not have the holistic coverage or full-functionality needed to adequately detect and respond to targeted attacks,” said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at Enterprise Security Group (ESG), in a statement. “Symantec is well positioned to deliver an end-to-end advanced threat solution by building on the technologies it offers today, integrating across its portfolio, and delivering it as a serviceenhanced by an evolving partner ecosystem. By leveraging its global intelligence and building-in completely new incident response capabilities, Symantec can really address a multitude of enterprise cybersecurity requirements.”


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