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Tragic Spam


Whenever something awful happens in the world, both the good and the bad come to the surface: bad guys doing bad things like we saw in Boston last week, and good guys rushing to random people’s aid in the wake of the explosions.
At FortiGuard, we’ve seen an uptick in bad guys trying to take advantage of people’s desire to find our more by tailoring spam messages that when opened, will infect your machine with malware.

Some of the spams have subjects like: “2 Explosions at Boston Marathon” and “Explosions at the Boston Marathon”. It has links that will lead you to websites that have been compromised or created to deliever malware via different kinds of exploit kits. If your PC is vulnerable, just visiting the site will infect you!


In a similar vein, the massive explosion of a fertilizer plant in Texas is being used to attempt to deliver malware to your PC. The spammers only to need to change the subject of the email and the links: “Fertilizer Plant Explosion Near Waco, Texas” and “Raw: Texas Explosion Injures Dozens”, and the new spam emails are ready to infect more machines.


It is hard to believe that some people doesn’t care about anything else except doing harm to other people.

Spammers are here to stay. waiting for events and tragedies that they can take advantage of to infect your computer with malware, botnet software and other viruses. Always be vigilant in dealing with news in your email. Please don’t click any links. the days of having to run an executable to become infected are gone. As I said, simply visiting a site if your computer isn’t properly patched and protected is enough to become infected.

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