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Breaking: a faction of Anonymous has released an MP3 recording of an FBI conference call which took place on January 17th. During the call, which is currently posted on YouTube, members of the USA’s FBI can be heard discussing several Anonymous and LulzSec related cases with investigators from the UK. Today’s leak helps explain just […]

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When Duqu, which most believed to be written by the same group that wrote Stuxnet, was originally uncovered, the infection vector was still unknown; how did the machines get compromised in the first place? That changed when the Hungarian research lab, CrySys, announced that it had found the dropper which was a Word file that […]

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Most people might be surprised to find that Facebook keeps a record of just about all of your activity on the site.  Actually, in this day and age, where privacy has officially been declared dead, it really isn’t all that surprising at all. If you live in the European Union, then you have the right […]

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MONDAY, MAY 27, 2024

Mission-Critical Broadband – Why Governments Should Partner with Commercial Operators:
Many governments embrace mobile network operator (MNO) networks as ...

ARA at Scale: How to Choose a Solution That Grows With Your Needs:
Application release automation (ARA) tools enable best practices in...

The Multi-Model Database:
Part of the “new normal” where data and cloud applications are ...



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