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Conventional cybersecurity solutions, often limited in scope, fail to provide a holistic strategy. In contrast, AI tools offer a comprehensive, proactive, and an adaptive approach to cybersecurity, distinguishing between benign user errors and genuine threats. It enhances threat management through automation, from detection to incident response, and employs persistent threat hunting to stay ahead of […]

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Along with the exciting possibilities of generative AI (genAI), there have been concerns around job (in)security and displacement. Leaders are feeling the pressure to implement genAI quickly and automate as much as possible. Some will see this as an opportunity to “get lean” and reduce headcount. Others will keep the people they have and find […]

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Cyberattacks are scaling up. That means security operations center (SOC) teams are overwhelmed by the volume of alerts they must analyze and how to sort out real threats vs. system noise. The good news? Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to supercharge SOC modernization efforts with unprecedented automation, proactive threat detection, and relief for overstressed security […]

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Mission-Critical Broadband – Why Governments Should Partner with Commercial Operators:
Many governments embrace mobile network operator (MNO) networks as ...

ARA at Scale: How to Choose a Solution That Grows With Your Needs:
Application release automation (ARA) tools enable best practices in...

The Multi-Model Database:
Part of the “new normal” where data and cloud applications are ...



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