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A botnet composed of poorly maintained Linux servers has been leveraged by cybercriminals to run significant distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against companies. The attackers mainly exploit vulnerabilities in unpatched versions of Apache Struts and Tomcat in order to infect the servers, although there have been instances where poorly configured Elasticsearch was used. Dubbed “IptabLes IptabLex” […]

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A new botnet has been discovered by security researchers, who observed that it uses the infected machines to scan for the presence of point-of-sale systems and gain access to the information through brute-force attacks. Los Angeles-based cyber threat intelligence firm IntelCrawler says that the name of the botnet project was released on the underground forums […]

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A botnet operated by Greek cybercriminals to mine for Litecoin digital currency has been disabled in a common effort that involved Facebook, law enforcement from Greece and cyber-security groups.The malware, dubbed Lecpetex, would infect computers through simple social engineering techniques but the operators behind it would constantly modify it in order to avoid detection.According to […]

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