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Almost every developer of information security solutions claims their products repel ransomware attacks. That’s true: All of them do provide some degree of protection against ransomware. But how strong is that protection? How effective are those technologies? Those aren’t idle questions: Partial protection against ransomware is a dubious achievement. If a solution can’t stop a […]

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Over the years, the term ransomware has taken on a new meaning for many businesses and local governments. This used to be considered a relatively new and emerging form of malware. Now, attackers have transformed it into a sophisticated and aggressive form of cyber extortion. Businesses feel the impact of ransomware globally. Their leaders need […]

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Sometimes, reading an article about what to do in case of a ransomware attack, I come across words like: ‘Think about paying up’. It’s then when I sigh, exhale with puffed-out cheeks… and close the browser tab. Why? Because you should never pay extortionists! And not only because if you did you’d be supporting criminal […]

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