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A bit of a shift in spammer tactics here: From:     Mohit Girsh [email protected] Date:     12 March 2012 11:54 Dubject:     Electronic payments are suspended #08763672 Signed by:     Id 57-8033394-13999809-0-895 < !–ZZ 81490908 C  hxxp:// hxxp:// redirects to hxxp:// which is multihomed: (BH Telecom, Bosnia) (Rostelecom , Russia) (2DAY Telecom, Kazakhstan) […]

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Some more malware sites to block, being used in current spam runs to distribute the blackhole exploit kit. Block the domains and IPs if you can. Eonix, Canada Zerigo, US Colo4Dallas, US Ixvar, Canada Hostforweb, US Networld Internet, US Confluence […]

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Apparently committing crimes for the “lulz” is still entertaining for the group known as LulzSec. They announced their latest conquests around 12:30pm PDT today, and Bethesda Softworks. Nothing terribly secret was lost in the breach of the US Senate’s web server. LulzSec posted some basic information on the filesystems, user logins and the Apache […]

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