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Before Java can release a patch for the recent zero-day exploit blogged by Sean earlier, Blackhole waltzes into the scene with an update. So the exploit kit users can now avail of the latest BH with the new zero-day exploit (CVE-2012-4681). I wonder if this will actually put a spike on Blackhole sales. The authors […]

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I’m all for a spot of Lovecraftian tentacled horror coming down from the sky and laying waste to all and sundry, but not when that same unfathomable horror is doing the same thing to my PC like in the below example. Click to Enlarge Somebody put a lot of effort into this so-called “Steam Cracker” […]

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The cone of silence over WikiLeaks’ thousands of sources – many of whose lives are at risk if identified – has been shattered, all thanks to the most mundane, all-too-human security screwup imaginable. To wit: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange wrote down the password on a piece of paper, and then forgot to change it later. […]

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