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In my last post we discussed the most dangerous kind of vulnerabilities that we classify at McAfee Labs: remote code execution and denial of service. Today, we’ll talk about vulnerabilities that are not so dangerous, those we classify as Medium or Low Risk. These threats still require our attention because they can create a chain […]

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Welcome back to Security 101. The topic of today’s blog is vulnerabilities. In our frequent McAfee Labs Threat Advisories you see the term vulnerability in almost every item. “A vulnerability has been found…” or “A vulnerability in some versions of…” are commonplace. What is a vulnerability? A vulnerability is a program bug that under certain […]

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The word Trojan has many meanings, and when it is used without qualification in headlines, it’s hard to know which one is meant. An olden-day Trojan was an inhabitant of the ancient city of Troy, near modern Canakkale in Turkey, on the Anatolian side of the Dardanelles. The word is also short for Trojan horse. […]

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