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Modern computers expect a certain consistency in their operating environments. A nice, steady ticking of the electronic clock; smooth, consistent voltage to make everything run; and internal system temperatures that fall within a certain specified range. When their expectations aren’t met, weird things can happen. If those “weird things” happen because of unanticipated power fluctuations, […]

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image credit: freepik Super-fast 5G mobile networks promise to link not only people more efficiently, but also allow for greater interconnectivity and control of machines, objects and devices. Its high Gbps data transfer rates, low latency and high capacity will be a boon to consumers and businesses alike. That comes with significant new security risks, […]

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When it comes to what we can expect with 5G mobile networks, they promise a more IoT friendly ecosystem, with vast improvements over the current capabilities of the 4G. Providing ultra low-latency and exponentially faster throughput (along with sensors that will boast a 10-year battery life) 5G paves the way for new enterprise use cases […]

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Mission-Critical Broadband – Why Governments Should Partner with Commercial Operators:
Many governments embrace mobile network operator (MNO) networks as ...

ARA at Scale: How to Choose a Solution That Grows With Your Needs:
Application release automation (ARA) tools enable best practices in...

The Multi-Model Database:
Part of the “new normal” where data and cloud applications are ...



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