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The big story yesterday (9/26/2011) was getting hacked, and serving up malicious JavaScript in its pages. The JavaScript created an invisible iFrame that linked to a drive-by-download attack hosted on malicious servers — an attack with a poorly detected payload. In related news, there were also reports that “root” access to had been […]

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LulzSec has sailed away – if not off the edge of the world, at least into a part of space and time from which it can no longer trigger scary headlines. It seems we needed something to replace LulzSec, and it looks as though we’ve found it. The indestructible rootkit! The rootkit in question is […]

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“Cookiejacking,” anyone? In the last few days, a new vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer has made its way through the media. Disclosed at the Hack on the Box conference by the independent researcher Rosario Valotta, this flaw takes advantage of a property of HTML5 to steal the cookies from its victim. This kind of attack, […]

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