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Microsoft’s partnership with Machinima to pay YouTube users to promote the Xbox One has generated controversy, and raised some questions this week. While the practice isn’t unusual itself, leaked documents appeared to show that YouTube stars were being asked to stay quiet about deals to promote and mention the Xbox One in videos. Machinima and Microsoft […]

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Microsoft has reportedly partnered with Machinima to quietly pay the YouTube channels video partners to promote the Xbox One. According to Ars Technica, Machinimas affiliates could get a $3 per CPM (or $3 for every 1,000 views) bonus if they included at least 30 seconds of Xbox One footage and mentioned the console by name in […]

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Machinimas massively popular gaming videos are moving beyond YouTube thanks to a new partnership with streaming service Twitch. The deal will see Machinima content featured on a new Twitch channel, and it starts today with a week-long Call of Duty: Ghosts marathon. While Machinima has already seen plenty of success on YouTube, the company says […]

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