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Experts recommend password managers like LastPass as the easiest way to generate unique, strong security codes for every one of your online accounts—which sounds great, until that password manager itself is cracked, potentially offering attackers access to all the accounts it was designed to protect. On Monday password manager service LastPass admitted it had been […]

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LastPass informs its users that they need to change the master password for the service if they used bookmarklets before September 2013.The reason is that they have been notified by a security researcher of a vulnerability regarding this feature, which could be leveraged against a user utilizing the bookmarklet on an attacking site.The flaw was […]

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Many cybersecurity experts insist that using a password manager is the best way to make sure you have a strong, unique password for every online account. For naysayers, password managers represent a single point of failure — a treasure trove of highly sensitive information guarded by one master password that could itself be lost, stolen […]

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