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The following Facebook warning has gone viral the past few days:“ALL PARENTS PLEEEASE BE AWARE!! .There is a drug going around the schools .Its known as Strawberry Quick .or strawberry meth .it looks like pop rocks kids eat & also smells like strawberries & also comes in other flavors like chocolate ect . Pleeease tell […]

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“You know she’s playing hard to get when you’re chasing her down an alleyway.” That quote – whether it made you chuckle or fume in indignation – is at the center of a rather controversial sequence of events. You see, the quote is actually the name of a Facebook page which contains more than 200,000 […]

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Kids who reveal all on Facebook are in for an unpleasant surprise – it turns out that more than 50% (55%, to be precise) of parents spy on their children. OnePoll found out in a survey of 2,000 parents from Britain that parents have been using Facebook to track their kids’ activities. While this study was […]

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