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Understandably, lots of individuals become rather annoyed by phishing. Even the most malware obsessed forum lurker is probably endlessly annoyed by the steady dripfeed of phish spam in their mailbox every morning. Anybody wanting to take up phishing needs to understand that they’re likely going to sit in their little corner of the net surrounded […]

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Money mule recruitment emails are nothing new, for years these have been spammed out all over the globe. What is new though is the recent wave aimed at “English-speaking Japanese residents”. It started at the end of July and we have received hundreds of such themed spam emails since then. The content typically promises an […]

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A currently ongoing, click-jacking driven spam campaign is circulating across Facebook, with the affected users further spreading the links on the Walls of their friends, in between tagging them, with the cybercriminal/cybercriminals behind the campaign, earning revenue through the pay-per-click (PPC) monetization scheme. Redirection chain: hxxp:// -> hxxp:// -> hxxp:// -> hxxp:// MD5s […]

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MONDAY, JULY 15, 2024

Mission-Critical Broadband – Why Governments Should Partner with Commercial Operators:
Many governments embrace mobile network operator (MNO) networks as ...

ARA at Scale: How to Choose a Solution That Grows With Your Needs:
Application release automation (ARA) tools enable best practices in...

The Multi-Model Database:
Part of the “new normal” where data and cloud applications are ...



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