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Cryptocurrency scams seem to be gaining momentum by the day. Hard on the heels of scammers tricking Discord users by offering nonexistent coins on fake exchanges, inventing stories about lucky winners on fake news sites, and simulating helicopter money, a new scheme is exploiting Lightshot’s screen-sharing tool to get money from overly curious cryptoinvestors. Convenient […]

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Several COVID-19-related scams continue to tease internet users into believing they are about to receive a large sum on behalf of non-existent United Nations programs, Bitdefender Antispam Lab has learned. In all versions of the scam, recipients are told they will get the funds after the necessary arrangements are made with the beneficiary that, of […]

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The US Department of Justice (DoJ) issued a warning on Wednesday about fake COVID-19 vaccine survey scams promising fake prizes or cash payments to recipients. According to reports, consumers have received bogus emails and text messages urging them to provide sensitive information in return for a prize. However, there’s a catch. They need to pay […]

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