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In October 2011, we documented a particular targeted attack campaign – The Nitro Attacks. In that instance, the attackers were primarily targeting chemical companies. Despite our work in uncovering and publishing the details behind the attacks, the attackers continued undeterred, even using our own report in their social engineering campaign!The attackers have escalated their efforts […]

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Spreading malware via email has always been so effective, that it is still widely used by bad guys. As you may know, there were times when email worms like MyDoom, Brontok, etc. infected millions of computers worldwide. Nevertheless, due to efforts of security agencies and antivirus vendors to warn users, the attachment of virus onto […]

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This looks like it could be a new series of blog posts. The infamous ( shows yet another payload using a more sophisticated technique. I’ve been monitoring the situation closely and observed a change in today’s malware behaviour. The previous payload was the XP Home Security 2012 rogue which created a randomly named file […]

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