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‘Call of Duty’ and PlayStation 4 Are Gaming’s Most Wanted


If youre wondering which new game console to get, and you like playing online with others, you might be thinking about which console is more popular, since Microsofts and Sonys networks arent compatible. If thats the case, a recent report hints that you should get a PlayStation 4, and that youll likely be playing Call of Duty: Ghosts in multiplayer.  A report from Nielsen shows that more gamers want Sonys PlayStation 4 over Microsofts Xbox One. Nielsen asked 1,200 active gamers about their shopping plans via an online survey. Thirty percent answered PS4, 22 percent answered Xbox One and 10 percent answered Wii U. When Nielsen asked these gamers what titles they wanted for the new consoles, the most requested was Call of Duty: Ghosts, leading both the Xbox One and the PS4 top 10 lists and ranking No. 7 on the Wii Us list. MORE: PS4 vs. Xbox One: Which Console Wins? Take that news with a grain of salt, though. Black Friday sales data gathered by research firm InfoScout showed the Xbox One outselling the PS4 two-to-one. However, Call of Duty: Ghosts also topped the companys results. Looking at games that were exclusive to their respective platforms, the choices were unsurprising. A new edition of the Uncharted series, of which little is known except its existence announced at the PS4 launch event, led for the PS4 games. A new Halo game, similarly a mystery (except for a teaser from Microsofts Xbox One event in June), led for Xbox One games. And Nintendos latest Mario game, Super Mario 3D World, topped the Wii U list. All three games are part of critically and financially successful series. Follow Kevin Ohannessian at @khohannessian and on Google+ . Follow us @tomsguide , on Facebook and on Google+ . 10 Best Online Game Sites and Apps 10 Steam Games Under $10 How to Connect a PS4 Controller to a PC — to Hilarious Effect Copyright 2013 Toms Guides , a TechMediaNetwork company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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