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County jails are selling e-cigs to calm inmates and make more money


While traditional cigarettes are banned from most prisons, a number of county jails are now looking to e-cigarettes as an alternative for inmates — and as a new source of profit. According to The New York Times, county jails in at least seven states have permitted some amount of e-cig sales to inmates, and the devices have proven to be quite popular. They’ve been selling like hot cakes, Sheriff Millard Gustafson, of Gage County in southeastern Nebraska, tells the Times. His 32-person jail has sold out of the 200 e-cigs it ordered in December, and it now has more on the way. Traditional cigarettes are reportedly banned from most prisons due to fire and second-hand smoke concerns. Prisons spoken to by the Times seem to be finding that e-cigs have reduced violence between inmates, likely because it provides them with a nicotine fix they would otherwise be unable to get.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2021

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