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Dolby Vision: the future of TV is really, really bright


Here at CES, Dolby is lining up TV and media partners in its own bid to get consumers excited again: a product it’s calling Dolby Vision. Its a set of technologies that cover everything from the mastering process to displays themselves, and the company has been quietly showing off demos in recent months. Colors pop, incredible detail is visible from the darkest blacks to the hottest highlights, and a dramatic increase in brightness makes for a viewing experience that’s so close to reality it seems like a revelation. In an industry that feels like it’s stalling, Dolby Vision has the potential to steer the conversation away from the resolution arms race and towards the kind of visceral, emotional reaction consumers haven’t felt since high-definition TVs came to market some 15 years ago. According to Pat Griffis, Dolby’s executive director of technology strategy, television imagery has been held back by standards that lost their relevance long ago, and the easiest way to understand that is to look at brightness.

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