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Google’s Eric Schmidt calls NSA surveillance ‘outrageous’


After leaked documents apparently revealed that the NSA has been collecting Google and Yahoo user information as it travels between servers, Google executive Eric Schmidt says the American surveillance program is violating everyones privacy for the sake of catching a few suspicious messages. Its really outrageous that the National Security Agency was looking between the Google data centers, if thats true, he told The Wall Street Journals Deborah Kan. The steps that the organization was willing to do without good judgment to pursue its mission and potentially violate peoples privacy, its not okay. Schmidt argued that the risk of terrorism doesnt justify secret mass surveillance. There clearly are cases where evil people exist, but you dont have to violate the privacy of every single citizen in America in order to find them! He referenced a statement by NSA head Keith Alexander, who said in June that fewer than 300 numbers were used to query the agencys massive phone record database: The NSA allegedly collected the phone records of 320 million people in order to identify roughly 300 people who might be a risk.

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