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Inside the Supreme Court for Aereo’s last stand


The Supreme Court heard arguments today for and against Aereo, the startup that streams broadcast television to subscribers over the internet without paying copyright fees to broadcast networks. The court didnt give many indications of which way it will rule, but the questions centered around a few themes: the impact of the ruling on cloud computing, whether Aereo is transmitting content or merely providing equipment, and whether the companys antenna farm is more than a sleight of hand to skirt copyright law. Broadcasters including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox sued Aereo two years ago, alleging that the company should have to pay fees to deliver their content, just as cable and satellite networks do. Justices Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor seemed most concerned that a ruling against Aereo would endanger cloud services such as Google Music or Dropbox, a question that remained unsettled by the close of the arguments.

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THURSDAY, MAY 06, 2021

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