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NASA chief uses tension with Russia to blast Congress on space funding


Tensions between the United States and Russia have increased in recent months — and now NASA is taking advantage of the chilly relationship to try and push its own agenda forward. NASA administrator Charles Bolden today published a lengthy blog post in which he calls out Congress for under-funding the space agency in its budget, thus making US space missions increasingly more reliant on Russia. Later today, NASA astronaut Steve Swanson will liftoff towards the International Space Station, not from the Space Coast of Florida or some other American spaceport, but from Kazakhstan on a Russian spacecraft, Bolden writes. And unfortunately, the plan put forward by the Obama Administration to address this situation has been stymied by some in Congress. Bolden goes on to note that President Obama noticed that the retirement of the Space Shuttle meant the US was increasingly reliant on Russia, a situation that he found unacceptable. Thus, he included $800 million in NASAs budget each year for the last five year to be devoted towards boosting the US aerospace industry.

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