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Recent hacks against US election watchdog seen as ‘worst’ in its history


The Food and Drug Administration was not the only government organization to get hacked during the government shutdown: a similarly serious security issue occurred at the Federal Election Committee back in October, in what The Center for Public Integrity now calls the worst act of sabotage in its 38-year history. An attack led by Chinese hackers resulted in systems containing campaign funding amounts and other sensitive information to go offline. The end result was a crippled system, and what The Center for Public Integrity says is just the latest malady to affect the organization, which is rotting from the inside out. In a scathing piece thats the result of a six-month-long investigation, The Center says the FEC is falling apart — something that should be a concern given its role of keeping tabs on and policing political campaign finance laws. Adding insult to injury, The Center notes that the FEC was warned of weak security as part of an independent security audit, something the agency brushed off.

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