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The best vines from space (so far)


Unlock that lock that stops you from leaning back in your chair, put on either that song from Pee-Wees Big Adventure or Powerhouse (trust me, you know it), and watch these cube satellites get ejected from the International Space Station over and over. I would pay good money for a series of time-lapses like these that showed the ISS bustling along like a factory from the turn of last century. This vine is absolute confirmation that no matter how many hours I would have spent training in the Air Force or studying for high-level degrees, the first thing Id do after getting on-board the ISS would be to find this clone of the training droid from A New Hope, put on a helmet — with the blast shield down — and start swinging at it with a broom handle (actually I doubt they have brooms on the ISS, so maybe a flashlight? Theres a 100 percent chance that, were any of us to get the chance to float around the ISS, we would be tempted to play with this experiment that the astronauts use to study combustion in a zero gravity environment.

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