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The Simpsons may have the smartest thoughts yet about Google Glass


Finally, Im not a slave to my stupid human eyeballs! Lenny Leonard exclaims as he puts on his Oogle Goggles, a few minutes into Sundays episode of The Simpsons, entitled Specs and the City. In it, the citizens of Springfield look at Google Glass from a variety of angles, and come to a surprisingly human conclusion about an incredibly technical device. Everyone at the Springfield Power Plant receives their Christmas gift from Mr. Burns, and this year, instead of a Hound-A-Day Calendar or a stress ball thats a lot more terrifying than cathartic, theyre all given Oogle Goggles. The new augmented reality headsets essentially do two things: they let the wearer see information about the people and things around them, and let Mr. Burns spy on his employees in an elaborate scheme to curb office-supply theft around the plant. Like everyone he works with, Homer immediately takes to the Goggles. One commercial break and a few months later, we find Homer in bed, staring into his Goggles, giggling.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2021

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