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Watch how the Wachowskis changed the ending to ‘The Matrix’ trilogy for this 2005 video game


There usually isnt much to say about mediocre tie-in video games, but the ending to 2005s The Matrix: Path of Neo is so spectacularly odd that its worthy of discussion nearly a decade after its release. The Wachowskis wrote and directed the game, which sees players take control of Neo through many of the battle sequences in the film trilogy, but the siblings made a few changes to the story to accommodate the demands of a video game. Most notably, the two scrapped Neos role as a martyr in the final film, instead having The One smash and bash his way through a gigantic version of Agent Smith made from cars, wreckage, and thousands of his clones. In it, the Wachowskis — fashioned as monotone sprites — break the fourth wall to address the player and explain the big problem [they] faced when turning these three movies into a video game. As Andy Wachowski so elegantly puts it, in a video game, the Jesus thing is lame. Its one of the oddest conclusions to a video game ever, and while its well known within the community, a YouTube uploader has compiled the final cutscenes so you dont have to slog your way through the game to experience it.

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