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A Polish research group claims there are still several outstanding vulnerabilities in Google App Engines for Java, including three complete Java sandbox escapes. After three weeks of radio silence from Google, it decided to disclose on Friday the vulnerabilities, along with proof of concept code. The code doesn’t break the sandbox, but does result in […]

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One of the big lessons that we’ve learned in the last ten years is that even little pieces of once disparate data, gathered in a single location, can yield startling truths. With #facebook, that lesson crystallized with the introduction of its Graph Search feature in 2013, when the online world realized – to its horror […]

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A design constraint of #touch id limits its applicability to authorised actions on a device. Here’s what app developers and end users need to know. #apple‘s Touch ID recognises fingerprints and tells you whether the fingerprint on the sensor has been registered. Every fingerprint authorised on a device is equivalent; this is an important design […]

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MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015

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