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The number of apps related to the presidential primaries has grown considerably. These apps are more popular than ever, thanks mostly to Donald Trump, according to our data. However, we want to remind users that presidential primary apps can gather a lot of information and may expose sensitive data. Most primary apps are unofficial and […]

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#apple said it will remove¬†256 misbehaving #apps from its #app store that were using private APIs to pull personal and device information that would allow a user to be tracked. SourceDNA, an analytics company that specializes in studying the iOS and Android mobile app stores, privately disclosed to Apple a list of the #offending apps. […]

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#application attacks against clouds jumped 45 percent last year, according to a new #report from Houston-based cloud #security firm #alert logic, Inc. The report was based on an analysis of one billion security events in the IT environments of more than 3,000 enterprise customers, and showed that 78 percent saw incidents of application attacks last […]

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