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#yahoo has open-sourced Gryffin, a #scanning platform for #web applications. The developers’ goal was to create a security scanner that will be able to both discover as much of the application footprint as possible (crawl phase), and to test the various parts of it for specific #vulnerabilities (scan phase). What makes Gryffin special is the […]

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The debate over the convenience of getting a #mobile device for your children, or the age at which they should have one, is nothing new. Society seems to have accepted that kids now carry smartphone sin their pockets and the #apps that come with them are a lifesaver for parents who are looking for ways […]

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Earlier this year the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (#ico), along with 28 other data protection regulators from around the world, announced an #investigation into how #websites and #apps – squarely aimed at #children – were collecting and sharing personal information. The #results are now in. In an announcement yesterday, the ICO explained how the overall […]

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