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Applications are becoming more accessible on the web across all industries including gaming, e-commerce, software, and media. This is great for reaching new customers around the globe, but along with new opportunities comes the threat of increasingly complex attacks against web applications. Criminals and hackers continuously seek to bring down applications and the volume of […]

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Capsule is ZoneAlarm’s powerful mobile security product, designed to provide you with privacy and security on your Android device, especially on public WiFi. The world is moving to mobile, but the world of mobile threats is expanding every day. Apps that track you, hackers that eavesdrop on your communications, and app vulnerabilities that can expose […]

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After many attempts, we have finally gotten it into our heads that it is essential that we read the small print before we install any application on our devices. If it mentions anything that strays far from what the app is about (for example, a flashlight that tries to use your GPS) it’s best to […]

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