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The next release of Android’s operating system, code-named Nougat, will prevent malware from locking users’ screens, a Symantec researcher wrote on a corporate blog. Ransomware, a type of application that extorts victims by locking up data or devices, often works by resetting cellphone passwords. Users are then forced to pay for the new password to […]

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Even the simplest malware can bring about an emotional response. For example, a classic Skype Trojan simply sent the message “Hi” to everyone in its victims’ contact list each time they were online. The result was pretty predictable: The friends and acquaintances responded — many of them simultaneously. For some users it was such a […]

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As more and more organizations adopt cloud platforms, new shadow IT risk vectors are coming into play in the form of connected third-party apps, according to CloudLock CyberLab’s analysis across 10 million users, 1 billion files, and nearly 160,000 unique applications.

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