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Adobe Flash Player security update.


Adobe has released a security patch for Adobe Flash Player that fixes several critical security vulnerabilities. Affected are all versions of Adobe Flash Player and earlier for all supported operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris) as well as Adobe Flash Player and earlier for the Android operating system.

Attackers could use these vulnerabilities to exploit a crash to potentially take control of the attacked system. At least one of the vulnerabilities has already been detected in recent attacks, which makes the update mandatory and important on all systems. The attack is carried out over email, but Adobe points out that it can also be carried out on any website on the Internet.

The attacker basically tries to convince the user to click on a specifically prepared link to execute the attack on the user’s local computer system.

Adobe obviously recommends to update Adobe Flash Player as soon as possible to the latest version that fixes the discovered security issues. Adobe Flash users can check their version of Adobe Flash Player on the about page over at Adobe.

Google Chrome users are the only ones who do not have to manually update Flash Player, as it is done automatically by Google Update.

Everyone else can download the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player from Adobe’s Download Center. Please note that you need to close your web browser during the installation process. Make sure that you unchecked the “Yes, install Google Chrome – optional” box on the download page unless you want to install Google Chrome as well.

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