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Are you tired of being spammed by Facebook apps?


Facebook is many things to different people. Some people hop on to get the latest news about their friends and family, while others spend every waking moment tending to sheep, cattle or building up their empires for their next brutal assault. Most people fall somewhere in between.

There are countless third party applications available on Facebook. There literally is just about something for everyone. The problem is that not everyone cares as much about your farm, your empire, your horoscope, who you think is sexy or who you think is cute, etc., nearly as much as you do. Now, we are not here to bash the games and applications or the people who use them. 

Let’s take a look at one such application. This one is called “What Colour Are You!!”, and here is an example of a wall post of this application:

One thing to keep in mind when installing any Facebook application, is how much privacy you are giving up in exchange for using the app. Some are far more intrusive than others. For example, take a look at the permissions required to use “What Colour Are You!!”

Quite a lot of access for a silly little game in our opinion, but I digress. If you are you tired of the constant barrage of spam from Facebook apps, there is something you can do. You could unfriend the offending party, but that wouldn’t be very nice and is a little extreme. A better solution is to hide all activity from the application in question. A friend of mine recently started playing Empires and Allies, and I received a notification to that effect. If I don’t want to receive a status update posted to my wall every time an in-game activity occurs from him, I can simply choose to “Hide all by Empires & Allies” by clicking on the notification in the top right hand corner.

That’s all there is to it. Your friend can keep playing their game, and you can keep your News Feed clear of the clutter.

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