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Grinding your (Top) Gears


Here’s a site called watchtopgear(dot)info that lets you – amazingly enough – watch Top Gear.

Sort of.

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Series 16 / 17 are yours for the taking. Sounds awesome if you’re a Top Gear fan, but of course you need to install something – specifically, one of those FREEzefrog bundles we’ve mentioned previously:

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Everything seems to be coming up Milhouse for a change, as once the install is complete the website presents you with Top Gear content (instead of the more usual “nothing at all” for a site of this nature). Feelings of vehicular joy are short lived, however, as the long list of content listed is a little bit inaccurate. And by “little bit”, I mean “six videos work and everything else is a hilarious joke at your expense”.

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Click the first six links, and you’ll see some Top Gear episodes that have been ripped and placed on random streaming services.

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Click any of the other links, and you’ll see the Top Gear team showing off a variety of overly tight jeans and not much else:

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Yes, all of the content is missing. Yes, you just installed a bundle of stuff to watch six videos.

No, that was not a good idea.

Christopher Boyd (Hat tip to Steven Burn).

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