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Its official…signal at 12:20 it even passed on tv. Facebook will be charging this summer – Viral Hoax!


Another Facebook hoax has taken off this weekend. We have similar ones before and I’m sure we will see them again. Rest assured that Facebook is never going to charge users for accessing the social network. Scammers and hoaxers love to get rumors started for some strange reason. Here is the latest version going around:


“Its official…signal at 12:20 it even passed on tv. Facebook will be charging this summer. If you copy this on your wall your icon will turn blue and Facebook will be free for you.If not you will be deleted..p.s.this is serious.the icon turns blue.Please put on your wall

Do you see the problem with the Facebook user above? She blindly copies and pastes something she saw on a friend’s wall. Don’t do that! Always take a moment to verify rumors and speculation. People usually mean well, but it helps no one to willingly take part in viral Facebook hoaxes. 

If you or your Facebook friends are falling for tricks like this, it’s time to get yourself informed of the latest threats. Be sure to join the Facecrooks community of almost 50,000 fans on Facebook to be kept informed of the latest security issues.  

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