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Messaging Security Analyst


Messaging Security Analyst

Posted: 16 August 2013
Company name: EdgeWave
Location: Rohnert Park, Calif
United States
Travel: none
Poster represents: employer
Terms of employment: Hourly employee
Hours: part time
Onsite: yes

The Messaging Security Analyst’s primary responsibility is the review and analysis of email based security threats provided by the global security sensor network. As a result of the analysis and distillation of the threats filtering rules are created. Filtering rules are based on message patterns and characteristics, and intercept broad categories of message-based threats and objectionable material thereby protecting our customers’ networks and their end users. May require working during non-standard business hours.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Produce spam and virus rules to categorize email messages based on analytical review and analysis using the proprietary review and analysis system.

-Deactivate any rules that have generated “false-positive” interceptions of legitimate email.

-Meet and strive to exceed team quality and productivity guidelines measured primarily by message block

rate, customer satisfaction and other quality-based metrics.

-Proactively solve identified problems and provide a focused and appealing customer experience.

Required skills:
-Knowledge of regular expressions.

-Mathematics aptitude.

-Excellent work ethic, interpersonal communication and organizational skills.

-Will be exposed to email and web site content that ranges from extremely conservative to sexually explicit topics, so must be able to work with this type of material.

Desired skills:
-Experience with some scripting language: Perl, python, php or bash, a plus.

-Experience with web page development, i.e. knowledge of html, or java script a plus.

-Prefer some prior working knowledge of spam and virus filtering systems.

-Prior knowledge of mail servers/exchangers and their operation preferred.

-Degree in CS, MIS or equivalent experience preferred.

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