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Spam gives a “proper” name and description to the money mule job


A “money mule” is a person, an intermediate, that receives potentially illegally obtained money from someone and redirects them to someone else. Of course, the intermediary receives a percent of the transaction. In other words, this is nothing else than money laundry.

A recent spam campaign advertises in the subject the job of a money mule and actually, gives quite a lot of names for it:

  • Administrator in Customer care
  • Working with the free schedule
  • Working with offshore
  • Work with finance
  • Manager Customer Service
  • Working with accounts
  • Working with the free schedule
  • Finance Manager

So, what does it need to become a money mule ?

  • Elementary knowledge of the banking system and money transfer systems.
  • Ability to accept payments on your bank account at your bank.
  • Speed of processing tasks (send and receive payments) for a given system of money transfers.
  • Ability to check your email on the Internet at least once a day.

Of course, for a salary of 4000 EUR monthly for 3 – 4 working hours a day there are also some restrictions.

It is forbidden:

1. Breach of confidentiality and corporate ethics of our customers.

2. Deliberate delay in payment processing (already immediately after the receipt of funds in the account, in most cases, the company requires the fulfillment of tasks on the same day when you received a bank transfer to the account).

3. The statement about the impossibility to process the payment after receiving it.

And the consequence of breaching the above rules will cease the cooperation.

The fraudsters are even giving a trial period:

If you are interested in this proposal, we suggest that you go through a trial period. For this purpose send your information to us.

At the very end, the user is invited to send his contact data:

Send the data to the email address of company [email protected],and before sending check address. (Do not click button to answer.)

There is no error in the above text. The link is “mailto:[email protected],and” so that you can’t just click but also to involve some manual work – the removal of “,and”. This also might confuse some antispam filters, but I am not sure if any filter falls for such an easy trick.

As usual, we advise our readers to simply delete such messages. Money laundry is illegal and can cost you quite a lot more than the money they promise.

Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert

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