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“The Brocial Network”: Giving Men Everywhere a Bad Name



A men’s Only Facebook group called “The Brocial Network”, has just crossed the acceptable barrier by seriously invading the privacy of women on Facebook. The group was created by a guy who dubbed himself ‘King Brocial’. King Brocial rapidly gained some very loyal subjects and the group soon gained more than 8,000 members, with some of them even being high-profile AFL (Australia Football League) members.

To be a member of the exclusive group, the guy must post a ‘sexy’ picture of one of his lady friends within a week of joining the group, or else he’ll be kicked out. This is but one of the rules in their ‘Brocial Code’. As such, aspiring members have to scour their friend’s pages for photos and upload them into the group, more often than not doing so without the consent of the lady in the picture. To make matters even worse, the men would post the women’s names as well as links to their profiles on the group, allowing the other ‘bros’ access to the lady’s personal info. Some women soon started getting friend requests from guys they did not even know.

Right now, the acceptance of new members has been halted, but not for the reason we may all want. King Brocial had to halt membership acceptance temporarily because some guys were trying to smuggle their female friends into the group – an act which is, of course, against the “Brocial Code”.

To this day, the group is filled with pictures of scantily-clad women, most of them ignorant of the fact that their pictures are being ogled by a men’s group. The group practically thrives on betrayal. Its very existence proves that we have a huge need for updated internet privacy laws. After all, such low acts cannot go unpunished. Then again, it’s only a matter of time before the group folds in on itself. Imagine how the ‘bros’ would feel if they would someday see pictures of their girlfriends or daughters uploaded by the other ‘bros’. Chaos would ensue – and really, it would only serve them right.

Update:  It seems that the private group has been taken down by Facebook.  A fan reports this posted on the group’s other page “no more adding, no more brocial network. as of a couple of hours ago, The Brocial Network was shut down in its entirety. Me and the other members weren’t deleted, the actual group was deleted by higher authority. RIP BROCIAL.”

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