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Thief Posts Photos of Himself on Victim’s Facebook Page


cell_phone_thiefThere are some criminals who make things too easy for the cops, like this one guy who accidentally posted a picture of himself on his victim’s Facebook page.

According to the report, the victim’s car was broken into last September 26. The only thing taken was the victim’s purse, which contained most of her valuables. Her mistake had been in not locking her car’s door when she went out. When she got back, she did not even notice that somebody had taken her purse. It was only when she got home that she actually realized this fact.

With no idea about who could have possibly stolen her purse, things were looking pretty grim for the victim – until the culprit unknowingly posted the photos. The victim had her cell phone set to automatically upload photos to her Facebook account.  A picture of a guy with dreadlocks was published on her Facebook page and, to her surprise; it was someone whom she recognized. The guy in the photo had actually pulled up beside her at the daycare she uses in a black SUV, but since he had long hair, she had assumed that he was a woman.

As of writing this, the culprit has yet to be caught, but police obviously have a very solid lead and are very confident that they will catch the thief soon.

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