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Twitter Spam Promises Big Bucks


There are two sets of spam accounts plying their trade on Twitter at the moment. Spambot Team A, assemble:

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Friends, aunts, brothers, dads and more are all apparently signed up to “Project Income” and doing well out of it too, thank you very much. The above spambots include one random Twitter user per spampost to advertise their website to, and presumably keep on posting until someone at Twitter hits the banhammer.

Elsewhere, a number of other accounts (who all seem to have simultaneously gone quiet on the 5th / 6th of July) are all back on Twitter and thanking the chap at the heart of it all for allowing them to make some money. Spambot Team B, assemble:

In the middle of that lot, the “main” account is retweeting examples of success – and by “success”, I mean “bafflement”. I guess these guys were supposed to impress with bling; unfortunately, it doesn’t quite play out like that:

$4? Oh boy.

It only took five months to make nothing at all?

3 weeks, one dollar? Do the maths (no really, it won’t take long).

Given that the main website for this promotion (which, if outside the designated geographical region redirects the end-user to an “online television watching extension”) claims it can earn you “$4,800 to $9,800 per day online”, I think someone needs to up the earnings these accounts (also back from a July 6th dirtnap) claim to be taking to the bank.

As for anybody reading this, my advice is to be wary of random spam messages dragging you into conversations involving big earnings. Even if you really, really want to get your hands on that shiny dollar…

Christopher Boyd

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