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Virus Bulletin Conference – Day 2


The programme of the second day of the VB conference was very mixed.

In the corporate stream we have seen sessions about MacOSX Malware, Android Malware and various techniques to identify and analyze distributed attacks.

In the technical stream there also were many interesting presentations about mobile malware, malware analysis, and two presentations which try to shape new trends in the antimalware industry. I will briefly describe them in this article, please click on the links below to see a more detailed description.

The first presentation is about MUTE – Malware URL Tracking and Exchange, an initiative of Avira, Kaspersky, Facebook, Microsoft, GFI Software. This initiative sponsored by Avira gives the AV vendors the possibility to exchange in real time URLs. Even if the system is still in beta phase, many vendors have shown interest in participating.

The second presentation was about the IEEE Software Taggant System, a system which if implemented carefully and used by the entire AV industry has a good chance to stop the malware authors in obfuscating their programs in order to avoid detection.


Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert


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