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You…shall not…Multipass!


In this blog post: your favourite “get out of trouble” card now gets you into trouble.

What a concept!

Anyone familiar with The Fifth Element knows the Multipass is the quickest way to wriggle out of a tight spot – however, someone didn’t give the Rogue AV and useless offer guys the heads up.

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A search for “multipass” in Google fetches some image results along with the text, and the very first image you can see above will bounce you to a Rogue AV website:

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Continuing with the install gives the user XP Internet Security 2012, which loves nothing better than covering your screen with popup boxes. It’s like 2007 all over again.

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The VirusTotal score for this one is currently 9/42, and we catch it as Trojan.Win32.Generic.pak!cobra.

Other Multipass searches bring strange and unexpected surprises too.

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Your view of the all important Multipass is almost ruined by a popup telling you that you’re “the H8 winner” (couldn’t make it up really, could you). At this point, you end up with a lovely collection of offers to ignore completely.

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The attempt at inducing panic with a “countdown claim clock” is always appreciated, but let’s take a look at the iPad offer. I can only assume the question is for time travelers stuck in the past or the incurably stupid:

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My. That is a brain bender.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Jovi for additional research)

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