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This fake job offer from involves illegal money laundering, and it also seems that the scammers want to use your identity for “correspondence” which normally means things like reshipping stolen goods and identity theft.

From: Victim
To: Victim
Date: 6 February 2013 09:16
Subject: Looking for remote assistants, paid $ 100 per hour helping other people

Good afternoon!

Is it possible for you to spare a few hours a week to the new occupation, which would increase your wages in 2-3 times, without investing a penny?  While you are looking for the trick in this offer, hundreds of your compatriots have already been reaping the benefits of working with us.
This is not a financial pyramid or marketing of any kind. It’s about doing simple assignments, not exceed the limits of morals or ethics.

Your gender, age, employment do not matter – the main factors are your diligence and conscientiousness.
Lots of our employees began with a part-time employment and combined with other jobs, but two weeks later,
most of them devoted themselves to our job.

We are in all respects ready to remove all your doubts and help you to understand all details.
Position is called the “Regional Manager”.

Functional duties:
– to represent the interests of foreign companies in the region (For example:  providing your address for correspondence.)
– to take control of transactions between the company and the client in your area.

For more information, please, email us attaching your CV, the country and city of residence.
It will considerably increase your chances for employment. Email: [email protected]

Best Regards,
PR Manager

I’ve seen another variant with a reply address of [email protected] In all these cases, the email appears to come from the victim (here’s why). Let’s dig a little deeper into the domain. It turns out that it is registered by scam-friendly Chinese registrar BIZCN.COM.

The WHOIS details are fake:

   Tara Zwilling [email protected]
   315-362-4562 fax: 315-362-4511
   3201 Oak Street
   Syracuse NY 13221

There is no number 3201 Oak Street in Syracuse, New York (see for yourself) and the Zip code is incorrect, it should be 13203 and not 13221.

There’s no web site, mail is handled by a server at (Exetel, Germany).  The following mailservers can be found at that IP:

You can assume that all these domains are fraudulent. If we dig a little deeper at the namesevers (also on and (, Level 3, US), then we can also find the following very dodgy domains:

All these domains have fake or hidden registration details and can assume to be part of a scam. Avoid.

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