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Lancope Enhances Visibility and Intelligence in StealthWatch System


Lancope, a provider of network visibility and security intelligence tools, has added new “operationalized security capabilities” to its StealthWatch System to better help customers identify and block potentially damaging threats hitting their networks.

A new Operational Network Security Intelligence (ONSI) dashboard and User-defined Threat Criteria allow for enhanced usability, security analytics and early threat detection, the company said.

Designed to help organizations detect a wide range of attacks, ranging from APTs and DDoS attacks to zero-day malware and insider threats, Lancope’s StealthWatch System is now able to deliver dynamic and actionable security data, helping security teams to make informed decisions and take the most appropriate actions to mitigate threats.

“With the ONSI dashboard, StealthWatch security alarms are closely aligned to the various steps of the cyber attacker’s “kill chain.” The StealthWatch System now includes alarms to alert administrators about specific kill chain behaviors happening within their network, such as command-and-control activity, internal malware propagation and data hoarding/exfiltration,” StealthWatch explained. “By turning data into actionable knowledge, the ONSI dashboard provides greater security context for faster detection, more precise incident response and improved troubleshooting of these stealthy, malicious behaviors.”

As part of the new features, StealthWatch users can now set custom, tailored parameters and exclusions for identifying anomalous behaviors on their network.

“With the extraordinary number of threats facing today’s enterprises on a daily basis, incident responders do not have the luxury of time on their side,” said Kerry Armistead, vice president of product management for Lancope. “Security success today necessitates the ability to very quickly identify, interpret and respond to the myriad attacks infiltrating corporate networks. Security is a constant battle, and our new features arm StealthWatch System users with more precise and powerful tools for rapidly uncovering and remediating a broad spectrum of attacks.”

The ONSI dashboard and User-defined Threat Criteria capability will be available in late February as part of StealthWatch System Version 6.5.The StealthWatch Management Console can be deployed as a physical or virtual appliance.


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