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Why is everyone disappointed by Google buying Nest?


Googles bombshell $3.2B acquisition of connected-home company Nest Labs makes simple sense on paper: Nest CEO Tony Fadell says hell gain the ability to scale his business without worrying about cash or infrastructure, while Google gets a company at the leading edge of the difficult smart-home market and a team skilled in building well-designed products that combine hardware, software, and services. (And how: before Nest, Fadell and co-founder Matt Rogers led the iPod and iPhone teams at Apple.) Its a win-win, and Nests investors sound ecstatic. But by selling Nest seems to have undercut the optimism those companies represented, and perhaps not coincidentally, underlined a growing distrust of Google itself — a distrust shared by regular consumers, tech investors, and privacy advocates alike. I *really* don’t get why Google acquiring Nest makes sense for either Google, Nest, or any of either customers or investors in any way. — Thijs van der Vossen (@thijs) January 14, 2014

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