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Rougeware through Fake FedEx email


Another FedEx fraudulent email getting circulates on the internet. The Attacker is trying to get more innovative this time. The email pretends that it’s from and explains a quite smart reason for the users to open the attached file. The email says that the package weight exceeds the allowable free delivery limit. So you have to personally come to receive the package with the print-out of invoice copy, which is attached with this email.

On extraction of the attached file, it contains a malicious file having an icon of word file.
If anyone execute this file on the machine by assuming it is a word file, then the computer gets badly infected. It installs a Rougeware named “Smart Fortress 2012”.

Quick Heal successfully detects and delete the attached file along with the installed Rougeware.

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MONDAY, MAY 21, 2018



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